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Choose Furniture online from our site and do visit our 27,000 sq ft store on Mettupalayam Road, (just after Sai Baba Colony stop), Coimbatore to see the Furniture range – LIVE!

In addition to Coimbatore city, we regularly deliver to all surrounding areas in Pollachi, Mettupalayam,  Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Tiruppur, Erode, Annur, Kangeyam, Salem, Namakkal, Satyamangalam,  Karur & Dindigul.  We can arrange delivery in other areas of Tamil Nadu as well.

Important points to remember while buying Furniture

Furniture shopping is all fun and games until you cannot fit the cupboard in the bedroom! That is why choosing the right size furniture while shopping is a must.

Choosing the right furniture is an integral part of decorating, you need to choose the right shape, color, and size to fit your rooms.

And while the shape, color, and material are all subjective to your personal taste, size is another matter.  We hope to make your room appear larger or more inviting. Make it conducive to conversation or drawing closer for a chat. The best rooms are not static boxes. Every living room has a focal point. It’s the spot that begs attention when we first enter the room. Make sure you always start with a main focal point and begin placing furniture from there.

What does Tulsi Furniture & Home Store offer?

View our Furniture online and check them out at our store on Mettupalayam Road, after Sai Baba colony signal, Coimbatore.

Select from the widest range of Furniture, Handicrafts and Décor perfected over decades of sheer hard work by the Founder and his family.  Our comprehensive range will amaze you – something for everyone – Contemporary to period, sleek to carving, big or small, economical to high budget.  You can easily get products that are difficult to spot elsewhere during furniture online shopping; for example garden furniture, antique furniture, solid teak wood furniture, and more.

Shop with us for Décor & Furniture at the most reasonable prices without artificial MRPs – it is a core belief that we practice.

We are also there to answer your doubts or questions that you may have when you see ours or other furniture online :

  • will I get it in good shape?
  • will the color match?
  • what is the quality of the wood?
  • will my money be wasted?
  • what is the ease of return?
  • exchange, repairs, after-sale service?

We avoid low-Quality products, cheap sofas, or low-priced furniture to stay in the competitive rat race.  Our Wooden Furniture lasts for decades – it is proven with our 5 decades of being in the business.  We suggest you do not buy cheap furniture to stay within your budget.  Save up a little, wait a bit and shop for Quality Furniture. Or talk to us about the easy EMI options available.

Do not be tempted to buy at just any furniture store in Coimbatore or furniture online or mattress online just for the offers or discounted prices – there is no free lunch in the world.  We imagine that Furniture, for the most part, needs to be physically seen, sat on, rested on, and more.  While searching for “Furniture stores near me “, we may have not shown up, do not worry, it is not because we are not among the best furniture stores near you – we may be at quite a distance from you, physically.

Choose from over 60+ models \ 100+ Combinations of Sofa Sets at the finest Furniture Shop in Coimbatore.

In the living room the Sofa Set is usually the center of attention and the most used item, however, keep the scale in check so all the pieces work together in harmony. Do not get a large sofa for instance if you are going to place smaller furniture around it. One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating a large area is overcrowding it with furniture. So if you choose a big sofa set and some matching chairs, try to keep the other items like tables and lamps sleek and simple.  On the other hand, if you have a smaller living room you need to get a smaller set. Try to pick something with a classic shape and strong design elements.  And keep the spacing cohesive, the sofa should be placed about seven feet from the television. And the coffee table should be positioned about a foot away from the sofa.  With over 50 years of experience in the furniture industry, we at Tulsi Furniture, help you decide to buy the best sofa for your living room.  We really wonder how easy or difficult it is to choose a Sofa Set online, given that you will have to check the size, comfort, color, combination, and several other factors. Here at Tulsi, choose from the latest sofa design: a wooden sofa, upholstered sofa, or a recliner sofa amongst others.

Choose the Right Bed for Your Bedroom

The bed is definitely the most important item as well as the focal point in any bedroom.  Consider the size of the room before you choose a bed frame, a huge bed frame might be overwhelming in a small space, while a tiny one may make a large room feel a little sparse.  Also, think of what you really want. For example, you may have a large spacious bedroom but would rather include a cozy seating area instead of filling up space with a king-size bed.  We offer a fantastic range of beds at prices that may just WOW you. Pure Teak Wood Bed Designs developed by us, Sheesham Beds, Branded engineered wood beds with warranty, Cushioned Headboards and others are some of the options that we offer from our extensive collection of Bedroom Furniture.  Also choose matching bedside tables, dressing tables, wardrobes to go along with the bed.  We are here to solve your needs and confusion that you may have when you try to decide whether you should buy beds online or any other furniture online. What if?


The Perfect Dining Table Set for the dining room

If the space is limited, look for Dining sets with more delicate styles, something sleek with small chairs.  A large room on the other hand can handle a large table. You can choose something long and rectangular, and maybe even add a complementary piece like a sideboard cabinet. A round table is also a good option for small spaces. The round shape keeps things centered and cozy, and it leaves generous space for moving around it as well.  We keep listening to our customers and have put together one of the widest and apt ranges of Dining sets that you can find among the furniture shops in Coimbatore or surrounding areas of Pollachi, Ooty, Coonoor, Tiruppur, Karur, Erode, Mettupalayam, etc.  We did have our Furniture store in Salem and a Furniture store in Tiruppur, that we had to close due to overheads.  Our customers Salem & Tiruppur miss us and we have had many visit us at our Coimbatore Furniture store.  Choose from a wide range of 4 Seater Dining Sets, 6 Seater Dining Sets made with Solid Wood, Glass Dining Table Tops, Marble Dining Table Sets, etc.


Antique Furniture at its very best

We specialize in Teak Antique Furniture, a range that has been painstakingly been built by our late founder Shri Shanthilalji. He started this line in the year 1992 and has seen great patronage by our customers, some of whom are leading luminaries of our country. While real antique furniture has been in great demand and has diminished in supply, we have developed the Teak Reproduction range.  Old reclaimed teak is used in the reproduction of masterpieces by skilled artisans.  You can find Sofa Sets, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Tables, Rocking Chairs, Buffet Hutches, Study Tables, Colonial Beds, and more in this unique range.

Office & Work From Home Furniture

Tulsi has been serving the office furniture segment ever since its inception in 1971. We have fulfilled innumerable orders in The Nilgiris, Tirupur, Salem, Erode, Pollachi, Coimbatore, etc. Most of the leading schools in The Nilgiris, Exporters from Tiruppur have purchased their office furniture from us.  With work from home gaining prominence, we offer numerous solutions to meet unique needs.  Our office chair range will certainly meet your expectations with ease.  We offer customizations on our office tables to suit your space or décor.

Garden Furniture, Occasional Furniture

We are passionate about our work and to this end offer furniture solutions for your varied needs – Garden Benches, Easy Chairs, Balcony Furniture, or Leisure Furniture.  We suggest pieces that will solve your need in genuine ways.  We are honest about our suggestions, you can be sure of that.

Handicrafts, Decor & Ready to use Furnishings

We have received great acclaim for our exquisite range of Handicrafts that are so reasonably priced.  We source from the very roots of the Handicraft industry so as to keep our prices attractive.  Unlike in exhibitions or other self-proclaimed exclusive stores, we do not mislead our customers by giving false discounts on High MRPs or wrong information regarding the material used in the products we offer.  We are here to offer our loyal customers top-of-the-line products and the latest at the most affordable prices.  Our reputation of serving 3 generations of customers has not come by mere hearsay.  We conduct our business and stick to our time commitments the honest way which is doing things the right way – Just as you dream and desire it to be. We “Add Value to Life “

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